Honorary Mention by Thales Banzai
He says of it – “The city of Sao Paulo, Brasil is full of characters and stories that are not easily seen. They live in the shadows, scaring pedestrians, disturbing the traffic, occupying private and public spaces. Although not always pleasant they sure are delightful.”
Life Framer team comments – “In this wonderfully lit portrait the light casts our subject’s features in stark relief – her make-up, plastic poncho and the monochromatic film creating a metallic sheen, in keeping with her steely, wary stare. It creates an intense connection between subject and viewer. Protesting, but with the message on her placard obscured from view, there’s hidden meaning in the scene, which along with the emotion which she holds in her outward expression we long to understand. Thales describes her only as ‘The Black Cat’ – a fittingly mysterious pseudonym. Superb.”
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